Tuesday, December 27, 2005

PRESS RELEASE: Rimat Ti Amianan

by Kage Gozun

La Union, known in Northern Luzon as one of the most popular breaks for beginner surfers from Manila, was invaded by some of the best surfers in the country. Held at San Juan, La Union, “Rimat Ti Amianan” (Treasure of the North), was a fitting name for the sixth and final leg of the year-long Philippine Surf Circuit.

Mounted by the Philippine Surf Federation, a special aura permeated the final leg. This was when the Top Twelve Filipino surfers were going to be finalized and announced. These surfers had amassed points throughout the year, with positions in the roster shifting depending on how well they did in each leg. The La Union competition would either make or break some of the current standings. This was something that was on the minds of most of the competitors.

The event was set up at The Point, a break fronting the Monaliza Resort. The weeks leading up to the event date had proven disappointing, with small waves and strong on-shore winds. But, as the competition date drew nearer, the waves grew in size and strength. By the time the horn had been sounded for the first heat of the contest, The Point was looking like an angry monster challenging the surfers to take on its power.

By Friday morning, the waves were deemed too large for the grommet division. Contest director Olin Duaso split his team of judges and had the grommet heats run at the nearby break of Carille while simultaneously running the Open Division heats at The Point.

Several upsets were witnessed as front runners in the Top Twelve were dropped from their heats during the. Among these was Siargao Island’s Dodo Espejon, and La Union’s Luke Landrigan. Both were ranked in the top twelve before Rimat Ti Amianan. Dark horses such as La Union’s Jun “Tanjung” Fietas and Moro Gandawli, meanwhile advanced in their heats. How this would affect the top twelve’s current rankings would have to remain a mystery until after the final heat of the competition.

A special Wahine Division heat was also staged Saturday afternoon. The five women braved a break that was dishing out what their male counterparts were calling one of the strongest currents they had experienced in the area.

Awarding night was abuzz with excitement. After nearly a week of good surfing and high excitement, it was to be expected. The results of all the divisions were announced, as well as the final rankings of the top twelve surfers for 2005. Prizes were given out, speeches were made and beer flowed freely.

It was a fitting end for an enlivening competition and an even more adrenaline-pumping year of sun, stoke and surf.

The Philippine Surfing Federation blog is at http://surfpinoy.blogspot.com/ and has links to photos and results of what happened for 2005. We also encourage you be updated for next year’s string of events by joining the PSF mailing list at http://asia.groups.yahoo.com/group/psfupdates/ and click on the Join This Group icon. You can also email us at psftour@gmail.com so we would be happy to add your email address for you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top 12 Surfers of the Philippines

The circuit was created to determine the Top 12 Filipino Surfers for the year. After each surfer from the Open Division joined a competition, he stood to gain a predetermined number of points, depending on how he placed in a certain leg of the tour. These points were then tallied at the end of the circuit to determine which 12 waveriders made it to the prestigious list.

This year (the tour's first year) was an unpredictable race. Bets were made by surfers, spectators and sponsors. These are the men that surfed their way to the A-list.

1. Dionisio Espejon (SI)
2. Bonifacio Figuron (SI)
3. Argie Hugo (BA)

4. Alex Commandante (SI)
5. Martin Taniegra (SI)
6. Edmund Mendoza (BA)
7. Joel Faraon (BA)
8. Rodolfo Alcala (SI)
9. Jomar Gloria (SI)
10. Sandito Alciso (SI)
11. Luke Landrigan (LU)
12. Anthony Valdez (LU)

These are the people to watch. The surfer who holds the highest spot will be given an opportunity to join international competitions by Cong. Butch Pichay, PSF's Chairman.

The PHILIPPINE SURFING CIRCUIT 2005 has reached its final leg. Thank you to all the sponsors that despite the short time preparation delivered and supported us all throughout the year. To friends that traveled with us and the new ones we made in the 6 destinations we visited. To the Board of Directors and our Chairman who guided us along the way and made sure that we finish the circuit. And of course, to each and every SURFER that competed in each and every leg…the circuit’s success is because of you! We’ll see you all next year! Happy Holidays!

-PSF Team of Volunteers
Philip, Olin, Zeny, Mhay, Mako, Eric, Chris Pulo, Yok-yok, Floyd, Allan, Mac, Kage & Pat

Photos in this post are from Kage Gozun

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Results for Rimat Ti Aminian Surfing Invitational

As the year draws to a close, the PSF in turn concludes the first year of the Philippine Surfing Circuit 2005 with Rimat Ti Aminian as its last hurrah. Here are the results and some photos during the 5-day event.

Open Division:
Champion: Alex Comandante - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Bonifacio Figuron - Siargao Island
2nd Runner-up: Argie "Bad Boy" Hugo - Baler, Aurora
3rd Runner-up: Tanjung Fietas - La Union

Junior Division:
Champion: Joseph Antipasado - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Zaldy Coldura - Siargao Island
2nd Runner-up: Jeff dela Torre - Baler, Aurora
3rd Runner-up: Allan Derecho - Baler, Aurora

Wahine Division:
Champion: Nildie Blancada - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Daisy Valdez - La Union
2nd Runner-up: Mickey Galang - La Union
3rd Runner-up: Joy Ishii - La Union
4th Runner-up: Menchie Espenilla - La Union

Grommet Division:
Champion: Allen De Vera - Baler, Aurora
1st Runner-up: Bilmar Velasquez- La Union
2nd Runner-up: Peter Paul Alipayo - Siargao Island
3rd Runner-up: Paul John Alipayo - Siargao Island

For this leg we would like to say thank you to the La Union Surf Club- to Shiny Surf Lemon a.k.a El Presidente; the Philippine Longboarding Club- Mike & Alma and to Chris & Menchie, our local judges- Ian Saguan, Archie Martinez & Angel; Allan Alvarez and Sebay for hosting the night events; Ronnie of RP Bahay for the prizes, Love Radio 101.7, Bjorn Pabon of Fluid Surf for making sure the winners have new boardshorts, to Rey and Director Valera of DOT Reg 1, Vice Gov Nisce & the Provincial Government of La Union and as well as the Local Government of San Juan. Salamat! Amalam desho. Happy Holidays!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More photos on This Photosite ...thanks sistah Kage

Friday, December 02, 2005

La Union Invitation

Time for you to take a surf trip and join us for the last leg of the Philippine Surfing Circuit 2005. On Dec 13-17 the tour with haul its delegation of competitors and their usual groupies to San Juan, La Union for the final stop of the year-long surf tour.

Monday, November 28, 2005

PRESS RELEASE: 3rd Lanuza Surfing Festival

by Kage Gozun

The friendly town of Lanuza, Surigao del Sur once again opened their homes to the throngs of surfers and media that came down to participate in the 3rd Lanuza Surfing Festival. This was the second-to-the-last leg of the year-long circuit spearheaded by the Philippine Surfing Federation through its chairman Cong. Butch Pichay Jr.

The area’s beach break – and the sizeable cash prize – drew over one hundred participants this year.

The lure of a grand prize of Php70,000 was too tempting for Filipino surfers to ignore. At final count, there was a record 157 surfers listed for the National Shortboard division. Over forty (40) signed up for the first ever International Longboard Competition where a whopping Php100,000 grand prize was at stake for the champion.

The competition was made possible by sponsors such as Smart Communications, Pagcor and Duty Free Philippines, Five Forty Surf Company, Conquer Equipment, Adrenaline Boardriding Company and the support of Provincial Government of Surigao del Sur and the Local Government Unit of Lanuza.

It was the locals from La Union that dominated in the international longboard event. Heat after heat, the local surfers dropped international competitors in a true show of local skill and talent. The final was an all-La Union heat competing between Ian Saguan, Luke Landrigan, Jun Fietas and Anthony Valdez, all big names in the La Union surfing scene.

Baler’s seven man contingent seemed small compared to Siargao’s 50-plus delegation and La Union’s 30 man party. But their numbers proved more than enough as four of their deputation made it to the finals of the shortboard competition.

The Junior division was a showcase of the amazing potential and future of Philippine surfing. Of the fifty competitors, Jeff dela Torre and Joe Henry Tena of Baler competed against Zaldy Coldura of Siargao and Myrel Santos of Samar in the finals.

Baler once again showed their mettle in the intense Men’s Open Division where Sandito Alciso of Siargao, Argie Hugo of Baler, Luke Landrigan of La Union and Joel Faraon, also of Baler met head to head in a half hour heat that had everyone at the edges of their seats.

A special Wahine division proved that women have earned their place in the line-up alongside the men. The finals saw La Union’s Daisy Valdez and Mickey Galang competing with Siargao’s Neldie Blancada and France’s Rafael Dore.

Siargao also established itself as training ground for up-and-coming talent as three of the four grommet division finalists paddled out representing the island. Philmar Alipayo, Pete Catulay, Paul Juan Alipayo surfed under their Siargao’s banner but fell short of local Lanuza boy Hiram Ariate’s knowledge of his home break.

In between intense surf heats that lasted all day were nightly parties held at Doot Poktoy. Surfers and spectators alike enjoyed dancing under the stars with their feet in the sand.

The awarding ceremony was also held at the Doot Poktoy sandbar to much fanfare. It seemed as though the entire town had turned out to join in the excitement of finding out who among these talented Filipino chargers was going to take home the big money. As it turns out, Cong. Pichay made sure that none of the participants of the competition would be going home empty-handed! All the entrants would be receiving a cash prize of Php500 for simply taking part in the event.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Nov 14-20, 2005

The Almost Famous Surfing Tour (Thanks to Pat and Kage for the name), is back in Manila after braving the rainshowers in Lanuza. Highlights: best riding from our Big Brother Surfers and really huge waves! We also had opportunity to have surfer/writer/photographer McDaddy Mormon Tor Johnson join in the chaos.Here are the results:

International Longboard Division
(also known as the La Union Invasion)
Champion- Luke Landirgan
1st Runnerup- Kap Ian Saguan
2nd Runnerup- Jun "Tanjung" Fietas
3rd Runnerup- Anthony Valdez

Open Division for the 5th Leg of the Phil. Surfing Circuit 2005
Champion- Argie "Bad Boy" Hugo (Baler)
1st Runnerup- Luke "The Model" Landrigan (La Unioin)
2nd Runnerup- Brother Joel Faraon (Baler)
3rd Runnerup- Sandito Alciso (Siargao)

Wahine Division
Champion- Neldie Blancada (Siargao)
1st Runnerup- Daisy Valdez (La Union)
2nd Runnerup- Mickey Galang (La Union)
3rd Runnerup- Raf Dore (France)

Junior Division
Champion- Jeff dela Torre (Baler)
1st Runnerup- Joe Henry "Paquits" Tena (Baler)
2nd Runnerup- Zaldy Coldura (Siargao)
3rd Runnerup- Myrel Santos (Borongan, Eastern Samar)

Gromet Division
Champion- Ariate Hiram (Lanuza)
1st Runnerup- Paul Juan Alipayo (Siaragao)
2nd Runnerup- Pete Angelo Catulay (Siargao)
3rd Runnerup- Philmar Alipayo (Siargao)

Monday, November 14, 2005


Here is a copy of the PSF Ad that was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Novemeber 13, 2005. Click the photo for a larger image.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Catanduanes Governor's Cup

Boards were packed and everyone took a 2-hour (at least) trip to Puraran, Catanduanes; the location of the world-famous Majestics break for the 4th leg of the Surfing Circuit 2005.

Scenes of mornings on hammocks. Patintero. Playing golf with the view of the beach. Surfers zipping ribbons. Laughter and drama infused to create another memorable surfing event and week at the beach.

3rd Governor Leandro B. Verceles Surfing Cup CATANDUANES

The fourth leg of the Philippine Surf Circuit wended its way from Virac, down the scenic mountainsides of Baras and into Puraran, Catanduanes. The province, known as “The Land of the Howling Winds” is also home to The Majestics, one of the most popular surf spots in the country.

There were 28 participants in the Men’s Open division. Entering the most number of competitors of course was Barasm Catanduanes with a 15-man contingent. Right on their heels were the eight surfers from General Luna, Siargao. Baler and Samar had two participants each while Daet was represented by a lone surfer.

The Juniors saw 15 under-18 entrants vying for the top prize. Once again Baras, Catanduanes topped the list with 8 entries. General Luna, Siargao sent two of the best young riders while their neighbor Lanuza, Surigao del Sur dispatched four of their young riders and Samar fielded one.

The four-day competition was held under less-than-ideal conditions but the surfers made the most out of each ride, in spite of the howling onshore winds.

In the end, three of the four Juniors from Lanuza managed to edge out the competition to dominate the Junior’s Final heat with Jason Osares and Clyde Ruina taking first and second spots respectively. Joseph “Badok” Antipasado, the lone Siargao surfer to make it to the finals, squeaked past Lanuza’s Joniper Pioc to place third to Joniper’s fourth.

If the Juniors’ finals belonged to Lanuza, it was the quiver from Siargao that dominated the Men’s Open. The four-man final ended with Bonifacio Figuron and Jomar Gloria taking fourth and third while Dionisio “Dodo” Espejon snagged second. It should be noted that Figuron placed first in the Siargao leg of the circuit and Espejon had just come from the Samar stop in first place.

Victory during this Catanduanes Cup could not have been sweeter for champion Martin Taniegra. Taniegra, who now surfs under the banner of Siargao, is originally from Catanduanes. This return saw the return of a local hero. His win, at the break where he first began surfing, was emotional and touching. So moved was he during the awarding ceremony that he was unable to give a speech that the crowd was clamoring for.

All the top finishers were awarded with Tuason Point t-shirts, 540 Surf Company gift packs and Conquer sandals. The top sixteen from the Men’s Division and the top eight from the Juniors’ Division were all awarded with cash prizes as well. And, in the spirit of good sportsmanship and camaraderie, all the contestants were given a certificate of participation.

The success of the competition has sparked major interest in the realm of surfing, which is among the numerous goals of the Philippine Surfing Federation. It is hoped by many that next year’s event will be even bigger and better.

The surf tour will continue on to Lanuza, Surigao del Norte for the fifth leg in the year-long circuit. An international longboard competition will precede the shortboard contest. The circuit then culminates in San Juan, La Union come December. It is there that all the scores will be tallied and the Philippine Surf Federation announces who among the local competitors can be called this year’s number one surfer in the country.

Photos by: Kage Gozun & Olin Duaso

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Eastern Samar Surfing Crown

We were face-to-face with the raw, rugged yet picturesque shores of Guiuan for the third leg of the Philippine Surfing Circuit 2005, dubbed as the Eastern Samar Surfing Crown.

Take a peek at what happend here.

Here are the results for the competition:

Champion - Dionisio “Dodo” Espejon from Siargao
1st Runner up - Joel Faraon from Baler
2nd Runner up - Argie Hugu from Baler
3rd Runner up - Edmund Mendoza from Baler

Champion - Zaldy Coldura from Siargao
1st Runner up - Allan Derecho from Baler
2nd Runner up - Jason Osarez from Lanuza
3rd Runner up - Myrell Santos from Boronggan

Photos in this post are from Pat Mateo
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Calendar of Events for 2005

Here is the Calendar of Events of the Philippine Surfing Federation (PSF). If you need more information you can email us at psftour@gmail.com

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