Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Nov 14-20, 2005

The Almost Famous Surfing Tour (Thanks to Pat and Kage for the name), is back in Manila after braving the rainshowers in Lanuza. Highlights: best riding from our Big Brother Surfers and really huge waves! We also had opportunity to have surfer/writer/photographer McDaddy Mormon Tor Johnson join in the chaos.Here are the results:

International Longboard Division
(also known as the La Union Invasion)
Champion- Luke Landirgan
1st Runnerup- Kap Ian Saguan
2nd Runnerup- Jun "Tanjung" Fietas
3rd Runnerup- Anthony Valdez

Open Division for the 5th Leg of the Phil. Surfing Circuit 2005
Champion- Argie "Bad Boy" Hugo (Baler)
1st Runnerup- Luke "The Model" Landrigan (La Unioin)
2nd Runnerup- Brother Joel Faraon (Baler)
3rd Runnerup- Sandito Alciso (Siargao)

Wahine Division
Champion- Neldie Blancada (Siargao)
1st Runnerup- Daisy Valdez (La Union)
2nd Runnerup- Mickey Galang (La Union)
3rd Runnerup- Raf Dore (France)

Junior Division
Champion- Jeff dela Torre (Baler)
1st Runnerup- Joe Henry "Paquits" Tena (Baler)
2nd Runnerup- Zaldy Coldura (Siargao)
3rd Runnerup- Myrel Santos (Borongan, Eastern Samar)

Gromet Division
Champion- Ariate Hiram (Lanuza)
1st Runnerup- Paul Juan Alipayo (Siaragao)
2nd Runnerup- Pete Angelo Catulay (Siargao)
3rd Runnerup- Philmar Alipayo (Siargao)


Kidlat said...


Argie Hugo (open), Jeff Dela Torre (junior) and Joe Henry Tena (Junior) are from Baler, Aurora.

DreamCatcher said...

Thank you Kidlat. My bad. I have made the necessary corrections.

Keith said...

Wow DreamC cher how did I get here? I was trying to find some info on stuffwork go windsurfing so goodness knows why the last link I clicked on brought me here. But although there is nothing about stuffwork go windsurfing, I'd like to say what a good job you've done with 3rd LANUZA SURFING FESTIVAL

travelkage said...

Birang bira ang Baler no? I'm still trying to find the words for my Lanuza blog. Hehe. And wading through all the photos.

toybits said...

nadali ni karding(badboy)congrats pake!!!!pati n din kay Engr> OKOY....sana maka uwi aku sa aurora cup. at makadugyut n dtu... birambira...

toybits said...

uuhh. taga siargao na c topakits de baga>>>.. congrats din pala kay brader at kay gremlins

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