Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Results for Rimat Ti Aminian Surfing Invitational

As the year draws to a close, the PSF in turn concludes the first year of the Philippine Surfing Circuit 2005 with Rimat Ti Aminian as its last hurrah. Here are the results and some photos during the 5-day event.

Open Division:
Champion: Alex Comandante - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Bonifacio Figuron - Siargao Island
2nd Runner-up: Argie "Bad Boy" Hugo - Baler, Aurora
3rd Runner-up: Tanjung Fietas - La Union

Junior Division:
Champion: Joseph Antipasado - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Zaldy Coldura - Siargao Island
2nd Runner-up: Jeff dela Torre - Baler, Aurora
3rd Runner-up: Allan Derecho - Baler, Aurora

Wahine Division:
Champion: Nildie Blancada - Siargao Island
1st Runner-up: Daisy Valdez - La Union
2nd Runner-up: Mickey Galang - La Union
3rd Runner-up: Joy Ishii - La Union
4th Runner-up: Menchie Espenilla - La Union

Grommet Division:
Champion: Allen De Vera - Baler, Aurora
1st Runner-up: Bilmar Velasquez- La Union
2nd Runner-up: Peter Paul Alipayo - Siargao Island
3rd Runner-up: Paul John Alipayo - Siargao Island

For this leg we would like to say thank you to the La Union Surf Club- to Shiny Surf Lemon a.k.a El Presidente; the Philippine Longboarding Club- Mike & Alma and to Chris & Menchie, our local judges- Ian Saguan, Archie Martinez & Angel; Allan Alvarez and Sebay for hosting the night events; Ronnie of RP Bahay for the prizes, Love Radio 101.7, Bjorn Pabon of Fluid Surf for making sure the winners have new boardshorts, to Rey and Director Valera of DOT Reg 1, Vice Gov Nisce & the Provincial Government of La Union and as well as the Local Government of San Juan. Salamat! Amalam desho. Happy Holidays!

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More photos on This Photosite ...thanks sistah Kage


Kidlat said...

Just curious. What does Rimat Ti Aminian means? Sure it's not Goblet of Fire or something...

DreamCatcher said...

It means Treasures of the North.