Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Top 12 Surfers of the Philippines

The circuit was created to determine the Top 12 Filipino Surfers for the year. After each surfer from the Open Division joined a competition, he stood to gain a predetermined number of points, depending on how he placed in a certain leg of the tour. These points were then tallied at the end of the circuit to determine which 12 waveriders made it to the prestigious list.

This year (the tour's first year) was an unpredictable race. Bets were made by surfers, spectators and sponsors. These are the men that surfed their way to the A-list.

1. Dionisio Espejon (SI)
2. Bonifacio Figuron (SI)
3. Argie Hugo (BA)

4. Alex Commandante (SI)
5. Martin Taniegra (SI)
6. Edmund Mendoza (BA)
7. Joel Faraon (BA)
8. Rodolfo Alcala (SI)
9. Jomar Gloria (SI)
10. Sandito Alciso (SI)
11. Luke Landrigan (LU)
12. Anthony Valdez (LU)

These are the people to watch. The surfer who holds the highest spot will be given an opportunity to join international competitions by Cong. Butch Pichay, PSF's Chairman.

The PHILIPPINE SURFING CIRCUIT 2005 has reached its final leg. Thank you to all the sponsors that despite the short time preparation delivered and supported us all throughout the year. To friends that traveled with us and the new ones we made in the 6 destinations we visited. To the Board of Directors and our Chairman who guided us along the way and made sure that we finish the circuit. And of course, to each and every SURFER that competed in each and every leg…the circuit’s success is because of you! We’ll see you all next year! Happy Holidays!

-PSF Team of Volunteers
Philip, Olin, Zeny, Mhay, Mako, Eric, Chris Pulo, Yok-yok, Floyd, Allan, Mac, Kage & Pat

Photos in this post are from Kage Gozun

Permission from owner or PSF is needed for commercial use


dean said...

Merrixmas You Guys.

BAI said...

dreamcatcher, y u dont photos sa siargao international cup na pi post?

BAI said...

kumusta mo ko kay ingki, tell him na jam kami uli. this april sa siargao bka mkapunta cya.

BAI said...

what i mean yong last year sa siargao mhay, baka meron si kage mga photos sabihin mo pahingi

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